Every once in a while someone has something profound to say. Occasionally it even happens to a minister. It happened Sunday, May 26, 2013, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Mobile, AL. The speaker was the Reverend Sandra Mayer who was filling in for the rector.
Rev. Mayer made points to explain her idea that "Your" hands tell the story of who you are.  
She spoke of the TV show Dirty Jobs and how nasty the hands involved become.
Next she reported looking at the hands of God, Christ and other holy people in works of art throughout the centuries. Their hands were always perfect.
Then she wondered if that would have been real world?
She asked us if we had ever created anything without your hands becoming dirty and scarred?
Wasn't Christ a carpenter for thirty years? Didn't he also spend time on fishing boats, washing feet and healing? Dirty jobs and perfect hands?
What about Mother Theresa? Where did she work and what did she do? Dirty job? Perfect hands?
Their work was great and their jobs were dirty. They had to use their hands and they would have been dirty.
What do your hands show about you?
Will you use your hands to manifest your emotions and feelings to help produce good for the greater world?
That's the end of  her message, and here's mine:
What about the habit of Daily Litter Walks you've been "fixin" to start?  
Getting their hands dirty wasn't too easy for the holiest among us. We need more dirty hands.
Each day, at the end of "Your" Litter Walk, you will feel better in Spirit, Mind and Body. The world will be a better place.
Yes, your hands will get dirty, but gloves, soap and water will easily repair the damage.
Walking helps you become healthier. Each day you clean the land and naturally there will be less litter in the water.
You are the only one who can take that first step. What are you waiting for? Get up and get those hands dirty.
The world needs you and you can help make a difference.

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