Volunteers clean trash near the USS Alabama during the 2011 Coastal Cleanup. (Kate Mercer/Press-Register)
The entire community thanks those who helped clean streets, creeks and rivers as part of the 25th Annual Coastal Cleanup on September 15, 2012.
Your efforts made a big difference in our entire region and for a brief moment in time, the streams and rivers were much more beautiful.
Unfortunately as the litter was being picked up in one place, someone else was putting more out, but let's not give up.
Please join the Clean and Lean daily routine. Everyday pickup the litter along your way.
Take that daily walk with one glove and several plastic bags in hand.
Pickup litter today, tomorrow and the day after that. Pickup litter everyday along your way and you will help you be healthier, happier and you will help your community be litter free.
With your help and the help of many others our world will be litter free everyday just the way creation intended it to be.
Thank you,
Robin Roberts

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