A recent story about the litter of plastic bags was very interesting.  Read the article by Rachel Barnhart on WHAM ABC 13's website (Rochester, NY).
As a former board member of a Keep America Beautiful affiliate, plastic bag litter is upsetting to me as well.
Just one plastic bag actually turned into an expanding effort to clean litter from everyone's neighborhood every day.
A Daily Litter Walk is something anyone can enjoy. It's a community service project that doesn't need anyone's approval except the individual making the descision.
A little over a year ago, on our daily morning walk, a plastic bag was blowing down the street. Knowing it would end up in a storm drain, the rivers and the bay, I picked it up.
Now I'm walking down the street with a bag in my hand. More litter is seen: what to do? Since I have a bag in my hand and someplace to put it, I must pick it up.
At the end of the walk the bag was full and I felt good because of what had been accomplished.
Next day, repeat, next day repeat. Now five days a week five miles a day a Daily Litter Walks.
One individual can clean up the Daily Litter. To clean up yearly litter it takes an army.

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