Here you have it. Three weekly routes are labeled A, B, C. So if you start with A on Monday and walk A, B, C, B, A. The routes that produce the most Litter are walked twice each week and the least Litter once per week. There you have it, my greatest Daily Litter Walk accomplishment of the week. Well, apart from the walking five miles a day five days a week, but it's a system and it's simple.
The whole idea is simple, inexpensive and effective. Cleaner Land leads to Cleaner Water. Clean up the Litter on the Land and you get Cleaner Water for free. By taking a daily walk you improve the quality of your life and your health. Encourage others to join you and help them become part of Lean-and-Clean, too.
Each day encourage others all over the world to do the same.  Think of the impact to health and environment from such a simple idea. You never know who you might encourage to take up the idea.

This week another environmental advocate group started following the idea. She speaks to groups all around the gulf. She can add the story to her speeches to groups and others might join.

After early church on Sunday there was an opportunity to tell the story to a friend moving to Clearwater, FL. While he is retired and writing his seventh novel, he will also help coach youth sports at the school his sons attended. He said he likes to teach the younger kids before they know everything. Perhaps he could teach the kids to start Daily Litter Walks in their neighborhoods.
1/23/2013 04:49:39 am

A great approach to eliminating littering and keeping fit at the same time. And for those who would rather cycle than walk we have inexpensive and lightweight litter-panniers.

The less litter there is around the lower the probability that more will be dropped and if litterers see others picking litter they might well think twice before dropping any more!

Keep up the good work.


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