This was a very exciting week for Lean-and-Clean. More groups are becoming interested in the idea and understanding the simple concept.
This week meetings were held with the Alabama Coastal Foundation, the board of Keep Mobile Beautiful, City Council Members, representatives of the new statewide newspaper AL.Com,   
Mobile County School Superintendent Martha Peake and the Mobile Business Improvement District director Clayton Ratledge.
With more and more people hearing about and understanding the idea it can only help.
Let's all continue to expand and explain the idea of a Daily Litter Walk by as many citizens as possible.
Forming the habit of taking a Daily Litter Walk will help you be Leaner and picking up litter along the way will help the community be Cleaner.
Clean Land leads to Clean Water or buy one get one free.
There is nothing to buy since you can use the plastic bags you brought home from the grocery.  Get up,  put on comfortable shoes, a gardening glove and start walking.
Simple ideas that will lead to you being healthier and your community cleaner. Take a friend everyday to make it even more fun.

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