This week Clean-and-Lean would like to honor the Downtown Mobile District Management Corporation and their twelve employees.  This 75-block Business Improvement District (BID) is a Self Help District funded by an extra assessment property owners pay to support the beautification of their area.
For seven years their five stewards have picked up litter, removed graffiti and power washed sidewalks seven days a week. During their last fiscal year they picked up 134,685 pounds of litter within their 75 blocks. Ladies and Gentlemen, that works out to 27,000 pounds of litter removed per employee.
When you consider that each bit of litter probably weighs less than an ounce, that's a lot of little pieces.
That's a lot of litter you don't see when you visit downtown. This dedicated staff carriers out their litter walks over 365 times a year.

What would the area look like if it depended on a giant once a year cleanup?
The BID team also includes five regents who serve as smiling guides, assist stranded motorist and escort workers to their cars at night.
Finally, have you ever tried to keep seasonal plantings alive, blooming and beautiful in just one flower bed around your house? If you have then you might begin to realize the amazing job done by full time horticulturist Hap Kern with the BID?  
Without the aid of a sprinkler system, the team keeps beautiful arrangements overflowing from 157 different flower beds covering portions of seventy-five blocks.
All these efforts are lead by the always smiling BID Operations Manager Clayton Ratledge housed in the Downtown Alliance.
Mobile is indeed fortunate to have this dedicated group and Clean-and-Lean also wants to thank the visionary leaders who managed to bring life to this great idea seven years ago.
Some cities have multiple Business Improvement Districts all funded the same way so we don't have to stop with just seventy-five blocks.
Sometime you get what you pay for. We are proud to honor them and thankful for the property owners who willingly pay for their extra service.
Let's all tell them thank you when you see them on the street.
PS: With all the physical activity that comes with their jobs, there isn't a single obese employee on the team. Clean-and-Lean is a beautiful thing.
11/30/2012 12:28:01 am

You are kind to recognize the work of the Regents & Stewards who monitor the appearance of downtown daily. You are to be commended also for recognizing the forward-thinking property owners who care enough about their surroundings to pay for such a service. Thank you!

We must work to create a culture where our citizens dispose of trash properly and recycle or reuse all that can be so used, then all of our communal resources and energies may be focused on beautification and development.


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