This week, Clean-and-Lean and Lean-and-Clean would like to honor the staff of Keep Mobile Beautiful in Mobile, AL.
Each day the Keep Mobile Beautiful staff operates the City of Mobile Recycling Center on Government Street. They accept then process tons of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, and steel each month. During October the center processed 226,488 pounds of material.  Additionally another 494,680 pounds of mixed paper was collected through dumpsters and curbside recycling.
This recap is of just one month out of many years of activity, but it gives you an idea of what happens at that little place on Government Street. Each month the staff and thousands of householders do their part to make this a better place.  This one facility moved almost three quarters of a million pounds of material from an expensive useless destination to a productive useful part of life for another day. Three quarters of a million pounds that didn't end up in the storm drains, rivers and bay, that didn't go to landfills, that can be reused another day. Well done.
Additionally, each month Outreach Coordinator Phyllis Wingard visits area schools as part of the ongoing anti-litter campaign. So far this school year 1,819 students have signed a Keep Mobile Beautiful Pledge.
Let's all do our part. Make a Daily Litter Walk part of your routine. You will be Leaner and your Community will be Cleaner.
Clean land leads to Clean Water and a Cleaner Environment for all. Let's all take pride in our place and make it better.
Economic development, beautification, restoration, preservation, clean land and clean water are all dots worth connecting. If the groups involved with each segment linked together the results of all could be magnified many times.
If you know of an ongoing eyesore let's all join together and take action to find a cure.
Best wishes and see you on your Daily Litter Walk.
Robin Roberts

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