This much ugly litter didn't end up in Dog River (or any other body of water) on Mardi Gras Day.

Why? A five mile Daily Litter Walk picked it up before it got there. Five days a week, five miles a day has an impact on a neighborhood. Others are joining the effort; as far away as India.

Could you be encouraging others to follow suit? Can you help spread the word?

Would 1,000 Daily Litter Walkers in your community have an impact on Clean Land, Clean Water and Obesity at same time?

Try it! You will be Leaner and your Community Cleaner.
2/20/2013 08:14:08 am

Like your Mardi Gras post. Ck out mine from 2012.

P.S. have changed the look of my site. Your site is listed under the tab titled Blogs.


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