Could something as simple as widely practiced Daily Litter Walk help reduce government deficits and improve life around the world?
What would the impact be if the dots were connected and examined? Let's consider.
What if each day you and millions of your friends worldwide took a brisk walk and picked up litter along the way.
When you return home, you and millions around the world would feel better in mind, spirit and body.
With regular walks your health would improve and you need less healthcare. That would save billions.
Your community and the larger world would have cleaner land, water, healthier and more beautiful for all creatures to enjoy without government expense. Win, win, win
Healthcare savings: Daily walks improve your physical health.
While you might leave home in a less than cheerful mood I've never returned home depressed.
The walking releases positive natural chemicals in the body which make you mentally happier, too.
That means mental health would be improved for millions of citizens.
Being outside to wave and chat with your neighbors, to marvel at creation and enjoy the little gifts of life would improve the spirit of all concerned.
Therefore, the simple act of walking would mean fewer people using the healthcare system, they would need fewer drugs and their quality of life and sense of community would improve.
That alone could save billions of dollars?
Environmental savings: If millions of people pick-up the Daily Litter each day, wouldn't the environment be greatly improved? If you want clean water, wouldn't it be easiest to start with clean land? Pick it up each day before it hits the water system and wouldn't you get both? How much is spent on cleaning land and water after it's out of control with a year's worth of litter?
Wouldn't cleaner land and cleaner water mean less harm to wildlife, too? How much is spent on all phases of environmental and wildlife programs around the world? Wouldn't millions of people cleaning each day save billions of dollars here too?
Property values: If you're familiar with the "Broken Window Principle" you can also understand where littered communities are worth less than clean beautiful ones. If you and millions of others show pride in your community by picking up the Daily Litter aren't you helping yourself and your community financially too?  
What can you do? Start walking.
What else can you do? Encourage as many others as possible to join the effort.
What do you need? A few small plastic bags and a gardening glove.
How far should you walk? We walk five miles, five days a week over three different routes. You pick.
How often should you take the walk? Daily
Start walking and feel better fast.
4/6/2013 12:24:19 pm

Hello, I have started a pick up litter testimonial campaign. You are invited to send me a response to:

Pick up a piece of litter and dispose of it properly, then tell me how you feel when you do that. One or two lines is fine or more if you like.

I will pubilsh the answers giving credit to the person(s) who send the answers - on my web site. You are also welcome to send a single photo to be included with the answer if you like.

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Five miles a day five days a week I take a Daily Litter Walk. Its a simple idea good for mind, body, soul and the environment.
Try it yourself.


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