Lean- and-Clean would like kindly issue our first challenge for community improvement.
This is one brought to us by Uncle Joe Sims at McCoy Outdoor.
The neighbors around Murphy High School beg the leaders of Murphy High School to "Lead by Example" and to help Lead the Cleaning of their campus each and every day.
What if Murphy High School was a clean beautiful park setting for everyone to enjoy? Would it be an asset to the neighborhood and the community?
Education is filled with lots of challenges, good people are stretched as it is and we are all grateful for their efforts.
Those are all good reasons to get outside for a Daily Litter Walk every day.
Taking a walk relieves stress and brings about countless positive feelings for everyone involved.
What if the leaders of Murphy High School considered a mental shift to How can Murphy became a Good Neighbor?
What if the Principle, assistant principles, coaches, players and cheerleaders started Leading by Example and cleaning their campus every day?

What if each and every day, each one decided to go out and do a Daily Litter Walk around campus.
What if they picked up every piece of Litter on campus regardless of size every day?
Amazing things happen when you do this.
Each day they would get to know each other and their campus better.
Each day their campus and neighborhood would be Cleaner and they would all be Leaner.
Their Lead by Example effort would inspire other students and teachers to be Lean and Clean too.  
What have you got to lose?
It might not help, but it certainly won't hurt.
Please, let's all give it a try.
Thank you very much,
Robin Roberts
Carmen Kearley
1/19/2013 07:04:01 am

I agree that this is a good idea. Perhaps it can be incorporated into a class curriculum as one neighbor has suggested. I would also like to challenge Murphy' s neighbors to help by not placing trash piles for collection on the school's campus well in advance of the city' collection day.


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