During our week of Daily Litter Walks, Route B is cleaned Tuesday and Thursday of each week. For years we never walked this long street, but added it to our routes in the last couple of months.

Funny that the people on this particular street litter more than the people on any of the other streets we cover. Just as discovered in NYC with the broken window idea from The Atlantic Magazine (March 1982), this street looks worse than others in the general neighborhood. The general feel of the street is that the homes would be worth less as well. No one wants to live in a area that looks unclean.
Question: By cleaning their street for free twice a week will they notice a difference, begin to care and work to improve the value of their property?
Time will tell.
Excerpt from "Broken Windows"
by George L. Kelling and James Q. Wilson
Published in the March 1982 issue of The Atlantic Magazine

Above all, we must return to our long-abandoned view that the police ought to protect communities as well as individuals. Our crime statistics and victimization surveys measure individual losses, but they do not measure communal losses. Just as physicians now recognize the importance of fostering health rather than simply treating illness, so the police—and the rest of us—ought to recognize the importance of maintaining, intact, communities without broken windows.

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