During your "Daily Litter Walks" your mind will have an hour to float free and travel along some new mental paths you didn't notice before.
Some of those mental images might connect dots to ideas you never considered. Your ah-ha moment might come on the next block so never quit.
Our most notable accomplishments have germinated from ideas that effortlessly floated up during our morning walks. No walk, no idea, no walk, no travel.
Here are a couple of things we've learned from daily walks since 1986:

Walking benefits the body, but it is chiefly for the mind and the spirit. Many times the 4:00 AM alarm has startled me into a less than excited state of mind, but oddly enough I never returned depressed. By the time we return, the mind, body and spirit are filled with hope, fire and ready to face the day.
The "Daily Litter Walk" has helped visualize ideas all connected in different ways. Picking up litter everyday helps preserve your neighborhood and lifts your spirit.

Helping preserve your neighborhood helps preserve the appearance and value of your property. Helping preserve your neighborhood helps preserve your city.

Taking concrete action to preserve and improve your city helps encourage economic development and better quality of life. Win, win, win.
Now grab your bags and your glove and get out there. See you on the streets.
John Robert Smith
October 3, 2012, the Downtown Alliance Annual meeting was held at the Battle House Hotel in Mobile, AL. The keynote speaker was John Robert Smith of Reconnecting America.   He is also former four-term Mayor of Meridian, MS, and very interested in bring communities back to life. One of his slides was a very colorful map of the U.S. The deep colors illustrated the health issues in the southeast. The poor health of many citizens could be helped by more exercise. If the citizens could be encouraged to join the Lean-and-Clean effort they would be healthier and our re-connected neighborhoods would be cleaner. A daily litter walk would help everyone. After the meeting I spoke with Mayor Smith explaining the Lean and Clean idea. The two sided business card he carried away listed our web addresses.  He listened carefully to the idea and even asked about the size of the bag I carried. Who knows? He might take the idea to Washington. It would be great to join forces with such a great program as Reconnecting America.
Everyday a neighbor and a friend doing a litter walk on every street and we're litter free until tomorrow.