Would Rotarians like an easy way to change the world?  What if there was a project you could start today, in your own neighborhood regardless of where you live?
To implement requires no fundraising and no committee approval. Each person can take part starting today. It improves your mind, body and spirit and improves your environment, too.
The idea: Every day take a Daily Litter Walk. You will be Happier, You will be Leaner and Your Community will be Cleaner.
RI President Sakuji Tanaka described his personal community cleanup effort in the July 2012 issue the Rotarian Magazine.
The idea of a Daily Litter Walk brings community cleanup down to the grassroots level of one person and a daily routine.
Annual litter clean-up campaigns take an army because they clean once a year. Each person can clean up the daily litter if it's done on a daily basis.
I've learned through over a year of Daily Litter Walks:
  1. Daily walks are for the mind and for the spirit. The fact that walking improves the body is secondary.
  2. Each day while you are walking pick up litter along the way.
  3. Suggested tools: small plastic bags brought home from local merchants and a gardening glove. Some might employee a grabber too.
  4. Make it a routine: Make an appointment with yourself each day.  Here's a routine: Five days a week, we walk five miles a day. Each day we leave at the same time and return at the same time.
  5. Whether you walk one block or five miles is up to you. Please do it, today, tomorrow, the next day, next week, and next year, forever. Make it your routine and spread the word.
  6. Each day encourage others to join the Daily Litter Walk Effort. What would happen to health and the environment if each town had a thousand Daily Litter Walkers?
  7. Each day you will "Clean the Land".  Since cleaning the land will stop the litter from flowing downhill with the storm water, the water will be cleaner too.  Buy one get one free.
  8. You can have an impact starting today.
  9. Clean land, clean water, better health one street and one person at a time.  
  10. Does that sound like a win, win, win and a great project for Rotarians worldwide?

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